Free Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity by Ariel Hyatt /Founder of CyberPR

31 Mar 2017 3:43 PM | MC C (Administrator)

Happy Friday to all Women in Music!

We're kicking the weekend off with a fantastic guide to music publicity!

This musicians guide by Ariel Hyatt (founder of Cyber PR) will teach you everything you need to know about how publicity works in the new music business. It is broken down into 3 parts:

Part 1: Getting Ready For Music PR - Step by Step
Part 2: How to Execute Your Own Music PR Campaign
Part 3: How to Find, Research & Hire a Publicist to Help You

It also covers tour publicity, music blogs and how to secure a premiere. 

Download Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity here for free: http://bit.ly/MusicPR_Guide 

OR  it's 99 cents on Amazon: http://bit.ly/MusicPR_Ultimate

PART 1 – Getting Ready For Music PR
• Social Media and Publicity are Now Intertwined
• With Music Publicity Comes Great Expectations
• Publicity is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

PART 2 – How To Do Your Own PR
• Planning Your Campaign & Building Your Press Kit
• Preparing Your Press Release & Sending Media Pitches
• To Premiere or Not to Premiere?
• Getting Tour Press
• Showcasing Your PR Results

PART 3 – How To Hire A Publicist to Help You
• What A Publicist Does & The Benefits of Hiring One
• Why Publicity Does NOT Sell Music (and Why This is Okay)
• Is She Good? How to Do Your Research


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