GUEST BLOG: 5 Tips for Holiday Event Planning from Sparkplug

16 Dec 2016 11:31 AM | Katie Stein (Administrator)

Women In Music celebrates entrepreneurship throughout the music industry.  Sparkplug allows musicians to plug in wherever they need by providing an easy rental system for gear.  It is a woman lead organization, co-founded by Jennifer Newman-Sharpe, who also doubles as the VP of Women in Music. Read on to find their pro tips for the holiday season.

Tis the season! Throwing your own holiday rager or company party? Here’s some tips to delight all your guests AND cause the least amount of frustration!

1. Make a List, Check it Twice!

But really. Map out exactly what you are going to need in advance of your event, down to every little piece of tape, straw, and ribbon. Check through the steps of what needs to be where and when each day.

2. Run all the errands before the day-of

We all may think it’s a good idea to leave the gear rental or booze run until the day-of, but it’s not always the smartest when you’re running around to 3 stores to find what you need. On the day-of you should just worry about looking great and setting up your space.

3. Get Everything in Writing

If you are renting a venue or booking a band be sure to get the commitments in writing. The last thing you want to ruin your night is a disagreement over the terms or a misunderstanding of what was decided. Having everything in writing will allow you to provide backup and keep the party on track should any disagreements arise.

4. Rent Backline & Gear Locally via Sparkplug

Rent your PA, backline, and gear from local musicians in the area from Sparkplug. Great affordable gear deals are waiting for you and you can pre-book online to be sure everything will be easy and fluid on the day of. Plus you are supporting local musicians while you’re at it!

5. Don't be afraid to “pre-batch”

Pre-batch your drinks and food to keep the mess to a minimum! Make a bowl of punch rather than having a sea of bottles and mix. Offer easy-to-serve food like pasta and pre-mixed salad.

Happy party planning! And most of all don’t forget to have some fun!

Happy holidays,

Team Sparkplug

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