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14 Sep 2016 2:15 PM | Jessica Sobhraj (Administrator)

Posted by: Jessica Sobhraj 9/14/16

Quick question - What makes you get up in the morning to do what you do?

On August 25th, The Conquer 2gether Group (C2G) at Morgan Stanley hosted their first event in their “Women & Wealth: Game Changers” series featuring an all-female panel. The C2G group has been a supporter of Women in Music and is keen on giving altruistic organizations a platform to share their message.  This was the first time I’ve ever been told not to prepare for a speaking engagement. The panelists and I were simply asked to come in, tell our story, and answer one question – what makes you get up in the morning to do what you do? It’s not a question that you often hear, but boy, is that a thought-provoking bomb that brings out something deeply honest in you. I loved that exercise.

The C2G group provides wealth management services to passionate entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs that are changing their industry in some way. Particularly, the women on my panel hailed from various industries and all  have risen against the odds to inspire their own communities. I sat on the panel as both The President of Women in Music (www.womeninmusic.org) and CEO of Cosynd (www.cosynd.com) alongside these fiercely tenacious women:

I know why I get up in the morning and do what I do. Do you? For me, the opportunity to serve our members at Women in Music brings me more joy than most other things I’ve done in my career. As I listened to the other panelists tell their stories, I realized that although we were all very different individuals, we shared a commonality - something or someone at some point made us feel like we weren’t enough. We all were told that we wouldn’t be taken seriously in our pursuits as a woman, that the fact that we are female would create a whole new set of hurdles that we alone would have to find ways to deal with, or that we would just have to live within the confines of our circumstances. Our experiences stirred a driving force in us that made us go above and beyond to be enough for the people we wanted to help and (equally as important) to be enough for ourselves. We flipped the script and changed the game by building businesses, apps, non-profits, and careers around our passions and sought out supportive communities like WIM and C2G.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? Or restricted by your circumstances? If so, take a moment to ask yourself why you do what you do and rediscover your passion for your pursuits. I think you’ll find that when you define your own self-worth instead of relying on others, you’ll come to realize that you are more than enough. The 50+ women that attended the event seemed to understand this too as I watched them expertly network through the room forming strategic alliances and finding ways to help each other – it really was high value networking at its best!

We at WIM will let you know when the next panel in C2G’s series will be.  You will definitely want to attend the next session. For more on Morgan Stanley’s C2G group, follow the link below:

The C2G group is:

“Our clients have the unique ability to project their passions and goals to others around them through their profession. If we can help them project even louder and more confidently we’re doing our job well. The C2G Group was created to offer our clientele a network of financial advisory services from around the country that are recognized as industry game changers, rather than only one individual or team which has been the traditional  advisory model. We have leveraged incredible advancements in technology at Morgan Stanley to connect our clients directly to our partnering Financial Advisors. The name C2G  is an acronym for ‘Conquer Together’ – Our strategic partners bring their combined years of experience and shared dedication to excellence to provide a broader range of wealth management solutions to address a client’s needs and manage a financial relationship that will last for generations.


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