12 Oct 2015 4:06 PM | Jessica Sobhraj (Administrator)

October 12th, 2015

Women in Music celebrated their 30th anniversary with a night to remember at The Standard East Village on October 6.  The penthouse terrace with glorious sunset views over downtown Manhattan hosted hundreds of music industry creatives and business people over the course of the evening.  Over drinks and small bites, current members mingled with legacy members (the amazing women who helped start Women in Music and kept it going in the early years), industry VIPs, and supporters. Photo boards showcased members past and present, and illustrated the history of connection, education, entertainment, and camaraderie that WIM offers.

The crowd was treated to three speeches, a welcome and congratulations from WIM President, Neeta Ragoowansi, an invigorating address from Advisory Board member Linda Lorence-Critelli, and an inspiring speech from superstar singer Gloria Gaynor, perhaps most well known for her smash hit “I Will Survive.”  All the speakers addressed the legacy and importance of women in the music industry, and the importance of supporting and energizing this community to continue to create, and work innovatively with each other as the industry continues to evolve.

20151006_WIM-8757.jpg 20151006_WIM-8767.jpg 20151006_WIM-8770.jpg 20151006_WIM-8773.jpg 20151006_WIM-8800.jpg

20151006_WIM-8808.jpg 20151006_WIM-8811.jpg 20151006_WIM-8812.jpg 20151006_WIM-8817.jpg 20151006_WIM-8863.jpg

20151006_WIM-8868.jpg 20151006_WIM-8887.jpg 20151006_WIM-8926.jpg 20151006_WIM-9401.jpg 20151006_WIM-9404.jpg

20151006_WIM-9407.jpg 20151006_WIM-9410.jpg 20151006_WIM-9411.jpg 20151006_WIM-9415.jpg 20151006_WIM-9417.jpg

20151006_WIM-9421.jpg 20151006_WIM-9427.jpg 20151006_WIM-9428.jpg 20151006_WIM-9430.jpg 20151006_WIM-9434.jpg

20151006_WIM-9436.jpg 20151006_WIM-9443.jpg 20151006_WIM-9447.jpg 20151006_WIM-9448.jpg 20151006_WIM-9450.jpg

20151006_WIM-9451.jpg 20151006_WIM-9454.jpg 20151006_WIM-9477.jpg 20151006_WIM-9491.jpg 20151006_WIM-9509.jpg

20151006_WIM-9510.jpg 20151006_WIM-9511.jpg 20151006_WIM-9521.jpg 20151006_WIM-9523.jpg 20151006_WIM-9554.jpg

20151006_WIM-9585.jpg 20151006_WIM-9595.jpg 20151006_WIM-9611.jpg 20151006_WIM-9616.jpg 20151006_WIM-9621.jpg

20151006_WIM-9628.jpg 20151006_WIM-9641.jpg 20151006_WIM-9652.jpg 20151006_WIM-9655.jpg20151006_WIM-9662.jpg

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